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This is our testimonial page. If you have any feedback for us, we would be very grateful.

All the testimonial details are saved and can be independently verified during Mr Luff’s annual medical appraisal in order to ensure authenticity.

Mr and Mrs M W, Holywell, June 24

My wife,  was treated by Mr Luff last Friday for persistent nose bleeds.

We want to express our gratitude for him curing my wife's nose bleeds.

After all the months and years of absolute torment and visits to other hospitals, he has made our lives much more manageable.

Not one nose bleed since Friday, it's unbelievable.

Thank him from two very, happy people. 

Mr R B , Chester, May 2024

I visited David Luff at the Nuffield Hospital over a period of several weeks, the  reason for my visit infection in both ears, deaf in my left ear and partial deafness in my right ear. 

I found David to be highly professional, understanding and very approachable, after receiving treatment from him I am totally infection free and can hear with both ears without the aid of my hearing aids.

I would strongly recommend David Luff FRCS Consultant ENT Surgeon to all persons who have or are experiencing hearing difficulties.

Mr N W, Great Sutton, April 24

I had been referred by my GP to a NHS ENT consultant.
However I discovered the wait list was between 12-18 months!
My condition was causing me considerable stress and discomfort. 
I decided to self refer myself to Mr Luff and self fund my appointment. This was the best money I have ever spent! I felt put at ease by my consultation and subsequent examination.
His diagnosis and suggested treatment I followed,I started to improve.He suggested I should ask my GP for a further test - the results of this test proved his original diagnosis was correct. 
I felt Mr Luff went the extra mile to get my condition diagnosed and treatment commenced which was a great relief to me.

Mr D A, Chester, April 24

Following a hearing assessment, I was recommended to arrange a consultation with Mr Luff due to reduced hearing in one ear. 
An appointment was arranged a few days later and I was immediately impressed with his friendly, confident manner and his clear explanation of the two possible causes and required treatments to rectify the issue. 
After initial treatment with a nasal spray and a minor op,  the problem was resolved, and my hearing has now returned to a balanced level.
Throughout the whole process I received prompt responses to enquiries regarding appointments or concerns from Helen and I would highly recommend David Luff as an extremely caring and knowledgeable professional.

Mrs S C , Chester, March 24

I just wanted to thank you both as it has been so straightforward and fast, and I am bowled over at how quickly e-mails have been dealt with and investigations and follow ups have taken place. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending you for anyone looking for an ENT.

Mr D B,  Northop, February 24

“I would like to express a huge thank you to David and Helen, you have both been an absolute pleasure do deal with! David your expertise, has been second to none, you have given brilliant honest accurate advice pre and post surgery and managed my expectations perfectly! Thank you for all you have done, it really has changed my life! In addition Helen, thank you for making everything run so smoothly, your efficiency and kindness has been second to none! You have always been available and happy to help with any queries I have had! So thank you very much! You both have been a pleasure to deal with!”

Mrs E R, Southport, February 24

Can you please thank David for his lovely manner as well as reassuring me.
I had every confidence in his knowledge about my symptoms.

Mr C S, Dolgellau, January 24

I'd suffered from copious catarrh for 18 months after a bout of common cold. I can't express in words how bad my situation was I couldn't sleep properly and my days were spent blowing my nose. I was filling up 3-4 handkerchiefs per day. Desperate for a solution I ended up at David's door. I was absolutely amazed as he showed me in real time what and where the problem was. He recommended a course of treatment for the infection and 6 weeks later I'm clear. First time.

One downside my appetites increased because I can smell my food now. I can't thank David enough he made it very simple and straightforward I just wish I'd done it sooner.

Mr W K, Connah’s Quay, December 23

I don’t know whether you remember me but I was the patient who came to see you with a denture stuck in my throat. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for all your help in resolving my condition. I shall be recommending you to anyone struggling with ENT problems.

Mr P O , Tarporley, December 23

First of all - a massive thank you for all your help over the last few weeks. So very much appreciated. Your help, understanding and organising has been out of this world. I really don’t feel I have the words to fully describe how thankful I am. Thank you doesn’t seem to express it enough.

Miss N R, Farndon, December 23

The improvement in my health and wellbeing has been amazing. I am no longer continually blowing my nose and therefore am not congested, making it much easier to breathe.  My tinnitus has virtually disappeared, a particularly big relief is that the loud throbbing in my ear has gone completely and my hearing has greatly improved. Best of all I am no longer incessantly coughing or have coughing fits, which is wonderful. I am now longer at risk of being banned from Pilates classes or embarrassing family members when we go out. Life is so much easier, my physical activity has increased, I do more in my day and no longer need to have a daily afternoon nap. Night time sleep is restful and beneficial, not disturbed by coughing fits and gasping for breath. Life has joy in it, which is all down to you! 
I may have not always clearly explained my symptoms and since they were normal to me, I accepted them, but I have described to previous doctors what I said to you about having continual chest, sinus and ear infections and continuously blowing my nose and thankfully you heard and listened to me.I imagine working in the medical profession and trying to help people with poor health can sometimes get disheartening, Ijust wanted to give my appreciation for how much you have helped me, it has improved the quality of my daily life. I am so grateful that I came to your clinic.

Miss R M, Wrexham, November 23

Like best: Such a nice guy, so glad I had my consultation with him. Genuinely willing to investigate symptoms, to get to the bottom of things. He listens and explains everything. Thank you for your advice and support.
Would recommend: Yes
Anything to add: Top guy and reassuring

Mrs D E, Beaumaris, October 23

“I had experienced sinus pain and discomfort for approximately four years - which reached a crisis following a dental abscess and extraction. The Dentist was alarmed at the X-Ray but a further OPG scan resulted in no response from the NHS Consultant nor my GP. David arranged a CT scan and after reviewing the results prescribed a long term course of antibiotics and steroid nasal drops in the first instance.  Fortunately this treatment resolved my chronic sinus pain and discomfort. I am extremely grateful for David’s knowledge, professionalism and measured approach to treatment. I would highly recommend him.”

Mrs F G, Shrewsbury, October 23

Having struggled for months with symptoms (and taking advice from pharmacist and GP), I visited Mr Luff and felt better within two weeks! Mr Luff is kind, attentive and thorough. He explained the reasons for the problems I was having and how to alleviate them. I was impressed to receive a thorough examination (including nasal endoscopy and blood test) at my first appointment, which meant that treatment could begin immediately. Appointments were prompt and I was able to ask lots of questions. I highly recommend Mr Luff and thank him for his expertise.

Mrs J E , Treffynnon, September 23

A big thank you to Mr David Luff for being the calm, professional and friendly consultant I needed. He listened and took time to understand the symptoms I was experiencing and explained clearly what he thought was causing them. Tests were done, and within two weeks from my initial consultation, I had my answers! My anxiety levels were through the roof when going for my follow up, but as soon as I walked in to the room, Mr Luff said straight away “ all’s clear so don’t worry’ . I’m so grateful for that understanding and it shows he cares about his patients. I would also like to thank Helen for the help and friendly advice on the phone, what a team! I would certainly recommend Mr Luff to family and friends..and anyone else who asks!

Mr L C, Greasby, September 23

At a time when things were feeling pretty desperate, I met with David at Spire and his help in navigating through the myriad of departments to get some answers at a pace was immense.  He gave me a clarity, support and optimism for the way ahead. His interventions were a game changer for me and accelerated my recovery."

Mr D B, Kelsall, September 23

It is a pleasure to be able to to thank David Luff and positively comment on the quality of care I received during recent treatment. I made a direct referral and was easily able to contact him by telephone. Helen Luff in her secretarial role was helpful and efficient, appraising me of fees before my visit and arranging a prompt appointment.
Mr Luff is professional and friendly. His examination was thorough and gentle and he inspired me with confidence.
With forty years of clinical practice behind me I feel qualified to comment on the quality of service that I received. My visit was all that I hope of quality health provision . I was seen promptly by somebody who knew what he was doing but who very importantly cares about his patients.

Mr I P, Chester, August 2023

David and Helen, thank you to you both. That is one of the most pleasant and informative trips I’ve ever had to a doctor!

Mr K W, Ruthin, July 23

Further to my recent nasal surgery, I wish to take this opportunity to thank David Luff for the success of the procedure.

I approached Mr Luff after waiting three years for a NHS referral. I am delighted with the speed of response as well as the caring and professional manner associated with the diagnosis and subsequent surgery.

The outcome has transformed my day to day life and was worth every penny to restore my health and minimise the previous aggravation to my asthma symptoms.

Thank you, so much.

Mr C R, Chester, July 23

"I decided to visit David Luff after a number of years suffering from a blocked nose and had never been able to find a root cause. It transpired that I had a large polyp in one of my nostrils, which David diagnosed during initial consultation and arranged a course of medical treatment. 

David throughout the process was very personable, professional and helpful. Without his assistance I would probably still have a blocked nose and although surgery is not a pleasant experience, it was the best experience in such circumstances.

I could not recommend highly enough David and his teams services”

Mr S H, Chester, July 23

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for not only successfully treating me but also for the manner in which everything was carried out.

My experience being and assessed and treated by you has been excellent. I visited you to fix an increasingly recurrent nosebleed, however I didn’t mention an ongoing sinus problem, because having had it previously operated on by someone else, I believed it would be with me for life.

However, whilst checking my nostrils with an endoscope, you spotted the cause of my sinus issue. It was superb to be shown the problem on-screen direct from the endoscope. Seeing the camera image live was great because (a) you explained what I was seeing and (b) I was able to ask questions such as “What’s that?” and “Is that a problem?”. It was clear that my sinus needed fixing and could be fixed, so I decided to go ahead.

Every time I have seen a consultant before, there has been zero ability to contact him or her between appointments, and hence no chance to ask any questions that on reflection I wished I’d asked during the consultation.  So it was a great surprise when you gave me the contact details for your secretary, Helen, so that she could relay any questions and queries I had to you. She always came back with the answers very quickly and efficiently. I used this on several occasions and found it extremely useful and reassuring.

My operation has been very successful and a few weeks later you used the endoscope to check my nostrils and showed me what you had done, again live on the endoscope camera’s image.

I would also like to say that in addition to this, both you and Helen have been a pleasure to deal with throughout, and that made my experience getting my nose sorted as worry free as it could be.

Mr R A, Rossett, June 23

Mr Luff was extremely helpful & reassuring to my problem & more importantly he listened. He explained to me all he could see during my Nasal Endoscopy. What a truly lovely, caring & considerate Professional Consultant. Also thanks to Helen for her helpful & friendly manner. I would certainly recommend anyone to go & see him.

Mrs N M, Chester, May 23

Mr David Luff is an outstanding medical professional, and ENT Consultant in Chester. Mrs Helen Luff, makes things happen and provides considerable support to patients, with a smile. They are a fantastic team, exceptional on the spectrum of everything from deep science to emotional support. We cannot thank them enough.

Mrs S W, Frodsham, April 23

Hi Helen - I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for being so efficient with my emails and Mr Luff for his great bedside manner.  It’s really nice to have met him and taken his advice, and thought he should hear that his patients do appreciate the effort he makes.  Thanks again to you both.

Mr L W, Heswall, March 23

I would like to thank Mr Luff for his excellent care during my recent appointments.  His bedside manner is the best I have experienced, and quickly put me at ease during his consultation. He explained all my options to me and was very helpful.
I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

Mrs M M, Chester, March 23

Dear Mr Luff,
I would like to thank you for your reassuring support over the last few months in treating my long term ear infection.
I am happy to say that the site of the surgery has now fully healed and I am looking forward to being able to swim again.
I would also like to thank your wife, Helen, whose friendly manner over the phone and by email has been very supportive too.
You make a good team.

Mr R W, Chester, March 23

My 13 year old daughter suffers from frequent build up of ear wax which can be very challenging to remove. Mr Luff has a very good 'bedside manner' with her, which greatly helps the whole process, and the result when the wax is removed is wonderful.

Ms S H, Chester, March 23

Helen - just wanted to thank yourself and Mr Luff for everything. Really put my mind at ease and helped me. I will be bringing my son to him too.

Mr K R, Chester, March 23

I'm writing to express my gratitude at the professionalism of Mr Luff on my procedure. The personal attention paid before, during and after the operation was outstanding.

Mr S M, Rhyl, February 23

I came to Mr Luff and instantly he made me feel valued. He talked me through a previous NHS diagnosis and explained why it was wrong by not just telling me, but by showing me with an endoscope on a monitor.

After the surgery he performed, I can happily say my breathing has massively improved allowing me to continue with my life as I would want. I cannot thank Helen and David enough for their time and care provided to myself. 

Mrs A H, Stoke on Trent, February 23

Please pass on my gratitude to David who is a fine and caring man and a credit to his profession.

Ms E T, Liverpool, January 23

I had excellent care from Mr Luff.  He is very professional and highly experienced. He took time to listen to my concerns and explained everything clearly in a caring manner. I would certainly recommend him. Thanks a million.

Mrs R T, Chester, January 23

I would like to record huge and sincere gratitude to David and Helen Luff. Not only was my complicated sinus problem thoroughly investigated and treated, both David and Helen extended genuine and instinctive care at all times.

Ms J S, Birkenhead, December 22

Having recently been under the care of David Luff, I would like to comment on how satisfied I feel.
I found him to be extremely attentive and understanding of my concerns. 
His professionalism ensured I felt listened to and reassured throughout.
Along with this, communication with his secretary was always swift and accurate.

Mr M H, Neston, November 22

Please pass on my thanks to David for his first class attention to my care.

Mrs M G, Parkgate, October 22

Many thanks Helen - it was a pleasure  to meet your husband,he is a very nice man.

Mrs A W, Boughton, September 22

I'd like to thank both you and Helen for the wonderful treatment I have received. I have felt thoroughly looked after, safe and listened to and would recommend you both to anybody requiring ENT consultation.

Mrs S P , Llay, August 22

Such a relief its all over and she is well and truly on the mend now. I’d like to thank you both from the bottom of my heart for firstly your help in arranging it and Mr Luff in doing the operation and for being so nice with my daughter  throughout it all. 

Its been a great pleasure, thank you both so much once again. 

Mrs C J, Ellesmere Port, August 22

Helen - everything went well thank you and your husband was amazing, as were all the hospital staff and yourself.  I’m overwhelmed by the help and support I received, all thanks to Mr Luff and his persuasion, helping to allow this to go forward because of my unfortunate circumstances that I was left in after my accident.

Mr D T, Connah’s Quay, August 22

Mr Luff was recommended to me by my GP. I have had long term problems with my sense of taste and smell. Mr Luff was very thorough with his examinations, asking lots of questions and finding other medication to help my symptoms. I would not hesitate to see him again and I have the upmost confidence and trust in him.
Big thankyou to Mr Luff and his wife Helen for arranging my appointments and correspondence.

Parents of Mr G A, Chester, July 22

Thank you to you both again for your professionalism, support and kindness. A seriously top team.

Mrs A R, Holywell, July 22

I would like to thank you Helen for your support throughout these torrid months for me. We both thanked David for his support and for being the only Consultant or Doctor to take me back to basics and request certain tests to be done. I am very grateful for his genuine support, at times going over and above what should be expected by him as an ENT Consultant.

Ms S A, Ellesmere Port, July 22

It's been a pleasure to have you (Helen) and Mr Luff as my ENT team. I really appreciate all the support and expertise you have both provided over the past few months.

Miss A R , Liverpool, May 22

I would like to thank David for his time yesterday and for listening to my concerns - it’s rare to find someone that actually cares!

Mr S C, Bromborough, May 22

I would like to highly recommend Mr Luff to anybody considering using his services; patient care face to face, reassuring step by step communication and guidance was all first class. A thoroughly professional consultant, he put me at my ease the moment I first met him and would not hesitate to use his services again.

I cannot thank Mr Luff enough, months of discomfort was resolved within half an hour of my appointment. My sincere thanks once again.

Mrs H R, Conwy, April 22

Thank you Mr Luff for the professional care and kindness shown by you. I now as you put it, have my life back, and I can look forward to the summer. One of the main things about you was that you listened and that was important to me . I would highly recommend you . Many thanks.
Thank you to your wife Helen for all the help and kindness shown by her .

Mr C W, Wrexham, March 22

I would like to thank Mr Luff for his thorough and total professionalism in diagnosing my long standing throat problem.
Not only is Mr Luff a top professional but he is an extremely caring and engaging person and I would recommend his services to anyone.
Thank you very much.

Mrs C H, Whitchurch, March 22

We are so pleased with the care and attention my daughter has received and should we require any further ENT in the future we will most definitely contact you. She felt she was able to ask questions and was listened to - she is a very intelligent girl but obviously not everyone has the patience to listen .

C M, Chester, January 21

I am extremely pleased with the service I have received from the first time I contacted I was given all the information I needed to go ahead with the appointment. My daughter was seen very quickly and Dr Luff was amazing! Within a week of seeing him I had a hearing aid for my daughter. I couldn’t recommend enough! His secretary was always happy to answer my questions and responded very quickly. Thank you for your help I have had a great experience.

Mr C D, Shrewsbury, March 22

Just a quick note to say a massive thank you to yourself and Helen for taking the best possible care of me over the last year. I can honestly say that I have never been better treated by anybody either in the NHS or privately. David, I felt so welcomed into each and every appointment and received the perfect balance of care and being made to feel valued and welcome.

Keep up the exceptionally good work………..thanks again.

Mr D L, West Kirby, February 22

I have been having treatment from Mr Luff for nasal polyps and found him to be not only excellent in his diagnosis and treatment but extremely informative on the way forward. He explained step by step the necessary course to follow, he also was supportive of ailments not associated to the polyps and his advice when referring me to other experts has proved very successful. It would be remiss of me not to mention the support given by his secretary Helen - nothing was too much trouble and her quick response on a number of occasions was very reassuring.

I would certainly recommend Mr Luff to anyone requiring ENT attention.

Mr R G, Criccieth , February 22

David was immensely helpful and supportive.

Mrs E L, Wallasey, February 22

Firstly, my husband and I would like to thank you both for the support you have shown us in the last few weeks. Mr Luff is a phenomenal Consultant and has a manner unequalled by any Consultant we have ever seen. We would also like to thank Helen because behind the scenes, you have been beyond helpful to us. We appreciate your kind , thoughtful nature - as I said to my husband, everyone needs “ a Helen Luff” in their life to make everything run so smoothly and stress free for patients.
You both change peoples lives with your determined aim to improve their health and clearly Mr Luff’s utmost priority is to give his patients a better quality of life. You both do it in the most wonderfully caring way - you are one incredible formidable team.

Ms Y S, Malpas, January 22

Mr Luff’s care has been excellent and my father has felt very reassured by the thought of someone who actually listens and cares about his well-being.

Mrs C G, Prenton, January 22

I would just like to say, David is the loveliest, caring doctor I have ever had the pleasure to meet. He made me feel at ease, he listened and reassured me. I wish he was my GP.

Mrs E H, Chester, December 21

I have seen Mr Luff at his Nuffield clinic on several occasions. 
Following a string of disappointing experiences with other medical professionals, I have been hugely impressed and would not hesitate in recommending him.
He is, in my opinion, what all doctors should be: professional, approachable, knowledgable in his field, thorough and kind. He is also a good listener and has the ability to explain complex matters in an easy to understand manner.
I cannot speak highly enough of him and the service that he provides.

Mrs C H, Caldy, December 21

Just wanted to say a big thank you very much for being so understanding. I really appreciate it. I am very grateful.

Mr S K, Heswall, December 21

Thank you hugely for everything you have done to get this resolved before Christmas.  I know you’d said it was nothing to be concerned about when we met on Wednesday, but you’ll also have guessed that the uncertainty is unsettling so it was a huge relief to receive your call yesterday, within 2 hours of my entering the scanner.  Extremely impressive patient care and very much appreciated.

Mr H H , Rowton, November 21

From the moment I approached David Luff for a consultation, I have received the best service I could have wanted.
The consultation with David was clear and open, making me feel as if I was in control of the decisions made about my care. 
Also the support I received from Helen, who handled all my enquiries, was efficient, friendly and prompt.
I would have no hesitation in recommending their service.

Mr A M, Chester, October 21

Thank you so much to you and David for being so pro-active and quick with this -  you’ve been amazing.

Mrs M D, Prenton, October 21

My gratitude and admiration to ENT Surgeon, Mr David Luff who treated me a
couple of weeks ago. I can’t praise him enough. I had the best treament I could wish for. I will not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

Mr M C, Frodsham, July 21

I found Mr Luff to be extremely helpful and reassuring. He explained every stage of my examination and answered every question in great detail, even down to the implications on my wallet. The whole process felt extremely smooth and professional, including the necessary phone calls and emails from his secretary. Thank you again.

Ms S B, Chester, June 21

I feel extremely lucky to have been treated by Mr Luff (and Helen). I am a very anxious individual, notably when dealing with anything medical, however, Mr Luff made me feel at ease during every stage of my treatment. He assessed me holistically, provided detailed explanations and spoke to me with the utmost respect and kindness. He referred me on to other specialists when he knew a specific symptom went beyond his scope of practice but continued to manage my case and ultimately provide the reassurance I needed. Much as I don’t want any more reasons to require a medic in the near future, I wish Mr Luff could treat me!

Mrs S C, Ellesmere Port, May 21

I have had the pleasure of seeing Mr Luff on two separate occasions now. He is honestly the nicest consultant you will ever meet. He is very calm and puts you at ease straight away. I tend to worry about my health a lot and he took the time during the consultation to listen to my worries and concerns and reassured me. I did not feel rushed at all throughout the appointment, and even during the nasal endoscopy he took the time to talk me through the procedure. His secretary Helen is so nice and is very prompt at responding to emails. Thank you Mr Luff for putting my mind at ease.

Mrs KS, Chester, April 21

After leaving hospital without a diagnosis, meeting Mr Luff was the best thing that could have happened to me. He was the first person that listened to me, the first person that was interested in trying to solve my problem and the first person who made me feel as though he believed me.

My symptoms weren’t typical and numerous other medical professionals were happy to give me a ‘best fit’ diagnosis but Mr Luff set about trying to figure out what was actually wrong with me. He was happy to take accountability and made a commitment that he wouldn’t stop until we had the answers.

He gave me hope and knew when to defer to colleagues for assistance whilst always assuming primary responsibility for my care. He is an exceptional Consultant and it is very clear that he loves what he does, that he wants to truly make a difference and is someone that you can trust. Without Mr Luff’s unwavering desire I would never have found the right road to recovery – I cannot thank him enough.

J E, Runcorn , April 21

The purpose of this email is to share our sincere gratitude for the support yourself and Dr Luff have given us over the past couple of years. Our son was born with severe glue ear in both ears and Dr Luff performed surgery twice in an attempt to remedy the issue. We were warned that glue ear can persist until the age of 9, which as you can imagine, was never the easiest words to hear when his development had already suffered as a result.

I truly believe, without a shadow of a doubt, Dr Luff has changed his quality of life and we will be forever grateful. He has a long way to go to catch up, but from the bottom of our hearts… thank you for your amazing care.

Warm regards,

Dr L H, Chester , March 21

 I would like to take this opportunity to thank David Luff for the care and attention to detail which he showed whilst I was in his care recently. 

From the outset, I received comprehensive information which meant I could make informed decisions about  the process,  associated fees etc.

Indeed everything took place smoothly,  more importantly; swiftly, in line with my needs. 

David put me at ease giving thorough explanations throughout. 

Certainly; David’s  approach  reduced any anxiety, stress, tension which, typically, arises during the course of  any such medical investigation.

I would recommend David Luff to anyone. 

Thank you so much,

With all good wishes,

L M, Chester, March 21

I just wanted to drop you a line to say that I am overwhelmingly impressed at the level of care that you both provide.  

Helen you are always so kind and helpful when responding to my enquiries and clearly go above and beyond to assist where able.

In relation to yourself Mr Luff; I really would like to take this opportunity to say a very big 'Thank you'.  

As a health professional myself for some 20 years, I have had the experience of working alongside many members of the health service hierarchy and across all levels of the clinical scale.  

On my first visit to see yourself, you really made me feel at ease, taking the time to truly listen to my concerns.

The appointment was far from rushed and quite the opposite, whereby I was able to actually discuss my concerns properly with you.  You took time to answer every single question in detail with your very transparent honest and candid, yet where possible; reassuring nature.  

You explained everything perfectly and I was particularly impressed with the Nasendoscopy where you were able to demonstrate my own nasal canal and throat on a screen and furthermore, elaborated on every section which I personally found hugely helpful.

You ensured prompt follow up and were incredibly helpful and supportive, leaving no stone unturned.  Your professional yet friendly and indeed approachable demeanour was greatly appreciated.  You are honestly the epitome of what I believe a good Consultant should be.  

I truly couldn't have wished for better care and support.  Yourself and Helen make an excellent team.

Please don't change what you are doing because you have it absolutely perfect in my opinion and it is very clear that your frankly brilliant attitude and level of respect for patient care and attention to detail really do underpin your professional values.

Sincere thanks once again.

Mrs CD, Chester, February 21

I found Mr Luff very easy to talk to and - he listened. He didn't put my problems 'in a box', but dealt with me as an individual. He communicated to other professionals and my own GP to help with my diagnosis. I felt Mr Luff went above and beyond what I expected. I would highly recommend anyone to visit Mr Luff.

To learn more about Mr David Luff FRCS (ORL-HNS)
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